What’s on my iPhone?

I confess.

I watch an unhealthy amount of “What’s on my iPhone” videos on YouTube. 

Guys, I just can’t resist. It’s an overall weird concept if you think about it but you can’t help but be curious about these things. With watching other iPhone videos and going on a manhunt for apps myself, I have found some great apps that I truly use every day for my blog, my social media accounts, my spending, and so much more.

I have an iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold. Even though the iPhone 7 Plus has that really cool depth effect and takes amazingly nice pictures, I decided to stick with the 6S and wait for the newer models! For my Android users, believe me, I loved customizing my Android. What I found with Apple though is how functional and simple their interfaces are. I love the fact that everything is simple and can happen with just a touch.

  ○  An Overview 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

My lock screen is from Emma Studies and my home screen is a picture I took on my love’s 21st birthday.

As you could tell from my plan with me blog post, I strive on organization! I have only one page of apps that I have downloaded and my other page has the preloaded iPhone functions. As for the apps I have downloaded, I try to organize them into folders.These are the folders I have right now –

  • video and music
  • school
  • $$$
  • extras
  • 📷
  • blog

○  Phone Cases 

I love love love buying new phone cases! I have this case (here) on my phone right now and it has kept my phone safe and cute for months now.

I also gathered a few phone cases that I love that you can find at Nordstrom, Best Buy, and Target! My favorite brands currently are Sonix and Kate Spade for cute cases. Can we tell I’m into floral right now?

I’m pretty sure half of the world has iPhones by now so why not show your personality with adorable phone cases like these?

○ My Apps 

videos schools money

I think we all know what YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix are, haha.

GroupMe : This is pretty popular as a regular group messaging app but when you go to a big university, this app is a lifesaver when you are in class group chats. My classes are pretty small now that I am only taking classes for my major this year. One person always takes the initiative to create a GroupMe and adds everyone in the class. This is great when you are struggling on an assignment or have a question about something in class.

CamScanner: I love this app as a commuter! My textbooks are LARGE and bulky in my backpack so I often result to scanning certain chapters and storing it in this app. You can scan anything with your phone on this app and it will create a PDF of the scan that you can email to yourself or others.

Cartwheel: What’s an education major without the Cartwheel app. Am I right or am I right? The Cartwheel app is a rewards program/coupon book for Target. You find tons of sales that aren’t offered in the store and the rewards range from a Starbucks drink to even a makeup product of your choice. I always scan all of my items with the app before checking out!

Groupon and YelpMy love and I go on many adventures, road trips, and vacations! We’re in our twenties so we try to experience as much as possible. Our adventures would not have been the same without Groupon and Yelp. We use Groupon to find exclusive hotel and attraction deals in new places and use Yelp to find practically everything – salons, food places, hiking trails, you name it.

Amazon because I’m obviously addicted like everyone else….

Debit & Credit: A new app that I use to track my money. Bills and payments are not often taken from your account on payday. When I get paid, I immediately insert my new balance into this app and manually subtract what is being pulled out of my account that pay period. So, instead of looking at my banking app (which probably shows me that I have a good amount of money), I look at this app and use my “real balance” to make my spending decisions.

extras, camera, blog

VSCO: This is my most used photo editing app! Everyone raves about it and it’s for a good reason. This app has basic editing tools (saturation, exposure, highlights, contrast) and kickass filters to make your pictures look great!

Snapseed: I do not see many people use Snapseed, so I figured I’d share it with you all. Snapseed is like Google’s version of Photoshop. I normally use the “Selective” tool to place markers where I want to make my edits to happen. It’s a great app to enhance certain objects in a photo.

PostVu: My newest app! PostVu is like the app UNUM. It’s a place where you can upload your newest Instagram photos to make sure the colors fit your theme! PostVu also works as an Instagram scheduler for all you bloggers out there.

Canva: I use Canva for all of my Pinterest graphics, logos, banners, and Instagram Story promo images. Canva has a super simple and easy interface to make graphics for your business!

○ Bits and Bobs 

(These are the apps that are for some reason outside of folders)

GasBuddy: This app scans your location for the cheapest gas in the area! I check this app on my way home from work to find where to put my gas. Why buy gas for $2.09 per gallon when gas goes for $2.02 per gallon a minute down the street?

Weather Wheel: Apple Weather isn’t the most accurate at times! Weather Wheel inputs the daily forecast into a wheel where you can spin to figure out how the weather is changing throughout the day.

Cinco De Mayo (3)


Want to read more? 

What’s your favorite iPhone app? Do you have a phone case that you absolutely adore? Comment below! Also, please make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest




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