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Washington D.C. Travel Diary

I’ve been trying to take every opportunity to travel this summer since my school schedule will be ridiculously full until December. I had a week to spare before my next adventure so I decided to visit my love! We took a spontaneous 12 hour trip to Washington D.C. and we spent the rest of the time spending time together and staying local.

We’ve visited D.C. before (check out our last travel diary –> here) and had time to tour the Botanical Gardens, many of the  Smithsonian museums, and even witness protesting before the Trump vs. Clinton election in February. This time around, we made these goals:

*the strikethrough items were completed 

  • Visit the shops in Georgetown (specifically Brandy Melville)
  • Take long exposure light trail shots in the subway stations and at the Friendship Bridge in China Town – he’s been getting into photography guys!
  • See the inside and outside of the Library of Congress 
  • Visit the Washington monument
  • Visit the Lincoln Memorial
  • Get more cancellations (location stamps) in the National Parks/Monuments Passport
  • Eat Shake Shack
  • Go to the Air & Space Smithosonian Museum again (since Kekoa loves it so much)

We did pretty good with our goals and we almost finished our list!

What we saw …. Library of Congress, Washington Monument, and Georgetown 

The Library of Congress was absolutely gorgeous! The architecture was very detailed and almost everything was marble or gold, which is right up my alley with the looks that I love. There were copies of old handwritten bibles, reading rooms, and exhibits for the public to tour. Definitely a must-see in my opinion!

Since we had just watched Spider-Man the night before, we HAD to go to the Washington Monument. I personally wanted to go to get another cancellation on my National passport but the office was closed!

I wish I had taken more pictures of Georgetown. It was my favorite party of the whole trip! The area of Georgetown we walked through was filled with shops and restaurants. The architecture of the buildings were so cute and there were so many shops to look at. I wished he had gone there earlier in the day so that I could do a little more shopping. We hit the good stores and I finally got to step foot in the Georgetown Brandy Melville location!

What we wore… our outfits! 

Sadly, we didn’t have any full body shots of Kekoa!

Kekoa’s outfit – Baseball Tee  // Khaki Shorts // Navy Blue Nikes

My outfit – Black Side-Slit Blouse from Paper Crane (similar here) // Shorts from Forever 21 (similar here) // Mule Loafers // Sunglasses

What we did… took selfies and took awesome long exposure light trail shots!

Kekoa has been working on his photography skills for less than a month and he took these amazing shots! I cannot believe how much he has improved in such a short amount of time. They were too beautiful for me not to share! He’ll be posting his photographs on his Instagram (here) so make sure to follow him!

What we ate… Shake Shack and Bibibop Asian Grill 

Shake Shack is a favorite of ours and locations are finally popping up in Houston! Their burgers are amazing and really don’t make you feel that gross after devouring them. We ordered two Single Shack Burgers, an order of cheese fries, and an order of regular fries.

With the rough itinerary that we had, we were planning on eating in Georgetown. There were many restaurants near the shops but we decided to go the more efficient route at 9 p.m. and tried Bibibop! There were many Bibibop’s in D.C. and I am so glad we tried this place. I like to think of it like an Asian Chipotle – you can choose your base, your protein, and your toppings. The price was fairly inexpensive for the portion they gave and we were in an out quickly!

Overall, it was very good trip! Kekoa and I saw a lot for being there less than 12 hours. We wrapped up our night with a three-hour drive home. It was well worth the drive and we came out of our mini-vacation without breaking our bank accounts. This is all thanks to our SmartTrip subway cards and the snacks we packed in the car

Washington D.C. Graphic (1)___________________________________________________________

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