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Plan With Me | My Planner System + How I Plan

I take several names – a student, a blogger, a creative, a daughter, a worship leader, a girlfriend, a teacher, an employee, a gym member. With many names comes many responsibilities. Throughout the school year, especially, I cannot manage anything without my planner. My planner is a place for appointments, household chores, work schedules, gym schedules, assignment due dates, and so much more. My planner…. honestly, makes me a superhuman!

As for planner systems, there are many. Also, if you are a planner freak like me you have looked through probably all of them. Here are a few:

I use the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner as my everyday planner. 


This is the 2017-2018 Classic Happy Planner in Wildflower with the gold mini rings. You can buy them now at Hobby Lobby!

Why I chose the Happy Planner system?

1. It’s a disc-bound system (If you are not familiar with disc-bound notebooks and planners, this video explains how the Happy Planner’s discs help you remove and insert planner pages whenever you want.)

2. The planner and accessories are easy to find (You can find these planners easily at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I would always spend so much time at Michaels even before I knew about Happy Planner. Now, Michaels is the first place I go when I want to treat myself to new sticker books and planner supplies.)

3. It’s inexpensive  (Where my broke college students at? I love this planner because it’s more than half the price of what you would pay for the planners I listed above. Mine was $17.99! Hint: Go to the Me & My Big Ideas website, search for which design you would like, go to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and buy your planner WITH their 40% off coupon! The coupon applies to the planners as well!)

4. I can create my own inserts or print others’ inserts (As long as you have cardstock paper and the Happy Planner Disc Punch, you’re golden! I’ve made fitness trackers, blog calendars, blog checklists, and more already.)

5. Function-based planners (There are planners that are for different functions, professions, and hobbies! So far, Me & My Big Ideas have planners for teaching, students, fitness, faith, recipes, and memory planning. They release more planners and accessories every year!)

Click each image to see what the monthly and weekly layout look like!

How I Plan: Layout

Above you can see that my planner has a vertical layout which consists of 3 boxes for each day of the week (very similar to Erin Condren)! These three boxes actually come in handy with my different titles. Here is how I plan with the three boxes this summer –

planner graphic .png

How I Plan: Symbols

Fun fact: Before I switched to Happy Planner, I actually used a Bullet Journal. You can see an example of my bullet journal here. I could not escape using the different symbols and markers! May look a little complicated but it’s definitely a system that works for me! This is what you would need to know to read my planner –

Planner (1).png

There will be many more planner posts and hopefully (crossing my fingers) plan with me videos in the future! I’m even thinking of creating a media library of planner printables you guys can use inside your Happy Planner or bullet journal!

Cinco De Mayo (2).png


Want to read more?

What other planner posts would you like to see? What planner system do you use? Comment below! Also, please make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest



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