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Pack With Me | What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag? 

I am currently in Las Vegas and I love to use the Kestrel Travel Organizer from Nordstrom Rack for my makeup and toiletries! Many use the Sephora Weekender makeup bag to pack their travel essentials but Kestrel’s is just as functional! I love more light, neutral colors like this tan color so there was no question that I’d get it.

This organizer is broken down into three different compartments –

  • a mesh compartment (for makeup products and larger makeup tools like eyelash curlers/makeup sponges)
  • a plastic double-sided flap (for face makeup brushes on one side and eyeshadow brushes on the right side)
  • a plastic compartment (for beauty and hair toiletries)

Makeup Packing List

Liquid Foundation

Eyelash Curler

Makeup Sponge

(check out how I wash my sponge here) ^

Under-eye concealer

Spot concealer

Travel Eyeliner

Settting Powder

Travel Bronzer

Travel Blush


A Small Eyeshadow Palette

Brow Pencil


Toiletries Packing List 


Floss Picks

Makeup Remover

Extra Contacts

Contact Solution

Eye Cream



Lip Balm

Birth Control


Body Wash

Shampoo & Conditioner

Bath Exfoliating Towel


Nail Polish

Nail Top Coat

This is the Kestrel bag with all of my essentials in it! Believe it or not, this is the cleanest it can be right now.

What do you have in your makeup bag? Do you try to condense the amount of makeup you bring when you travel? Leave a comment below! 

With love,


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