My Workout Essentials List + A Playlist

Growing up, I had never found much of an importance of working out and being active. Now that I am in my twenties, I clearly see the positive effects of creating health, skin, and hygiene routines!
If I take care of myself while I am younger, I may preserve my youth and ultimately better my life in the long run. Who doesn’t want to look finnneeeeee when they’re older? Am I the only one? 

To reach my fitness and body goals, I use these items at the gym –

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Supportive Hair Ties & Bobby Pins

My short, thick hair is not my best friend when I go to the gym. I never want to spend all of my time fidgeting with my bangs or fixing my ponytail.  In order to be focused and ready to work, I bring strong bobby pins and hair ties to keep my hair in place.

Wireless Headphones

People who use regular headphones are probably thinking “why is this necessary?” I was in the same boat but I guarantee wireless headphones IMMEDIATELY improved my performance (and enjoyment, haha) at the gym! You never have to worry about your chords getting in the way of your lifting or your intense cardio. Plus, you look pretty cool too!

Blender Bottle

Such a workout staple guys! I’ve been diving into the supplements and trying new things. Whether you’re taking pre-workout, BCAAs, or even protein you can count on this bottle to mix things up super well for you!

Cute Workout Clothes

My perfect workout outfit is something that is really tight that can hold you in.

A Towel

For mopping up the sweat! Bringing personal towels is a good thing when you’re slipping on a machine or you just need something to wipe yourself down with.

Running or Athletic Shoes

My boyfriend recommends flat shoes like Converse for heavy lifting leg days but I really wanted to stick to one shoe since I do love cardio before my workouts. I personally have Nike Dual Fusion ST 2’s and they definitely do the job!

Resistance Bands

Bands are a must for glute days! I don’t use the rope resistance bands that are pictured above but I do own these circle bands [here] that are perfect for weighted hip thrusts.

As promised, here is also my workout playlist that I constantly add to throughout the year –

Definitely a good mixture of rap and pop upbeat songs. I dance at the gym all the time it’s because of how great these songs are! Happy workouts, my loves!

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What do you drink when you need caffeine? Better question: What do you do when you’re tired and need to get through the day? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below and tell me about it! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


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