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On Instagram, I’ve been seeing tons and tons of acai bowls! For a while I thought it was only a West Coast thing since I would ALWAYS get my acai bowls in Hawaii before going to the beach. Now, though, more and more acai bowl (and poké) places have opened up in my area! They’re BY FAR my favorite post-workout snack and I love to eat them in the morning too if I don’t feel like stomaching a large meal.

I’ve had my fair share of acai bowl attempts but I can’t find the right base and fruit mix to make my bowls yummy. However, I have found a bowl that I love to make with a frozen berry mix! It definitely gives you the same color as an acai bowl and berries are a lot easier to find at the grocery store!

Total Cook Time: 5 minutes

⚬ Ingredients ⚬

1 handful of Kale Greens

2 cups of frozen berry mix

1/2 cup of Nature Valley’s Oats ’n Honey Protein Granola

2 bananas

1 cup of water

⚬ Directions ⚬

1. Place greens, frozen berries, one sliced banana, and water into blender. (I like to use my Nutribullet)
2. Blend until thick consistency.
3. Place granola and banana slices on top.

Helpful Tricks and Advice

  • To get the thick consistency, try to abstain from using liquids.
  • Mash and mix ingredients in between blends to save your blender blades
  • Use a small spatula to ensure you are getting 100% of the smoothie into your bowl
  • Pretty filling, so don’t overpower the granola! Liberal, but not TOO liberal. The granola I suggested has 10g of Protein per 1/2 cup.
  • Rinse out blender a quickly as possible! This berry mix has seeds and can stick to your blender if you decided to only soak in the sink. Same advice applies to the whatever bowl and spoon you decide to use!

smoothie bowl


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What do you like to eat for breakfast? What’s your favorite fruit? Do you have time to make a full breakfast? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below and tell me about it! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest



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  • Joanne

    Aahh this looks SO good. I tried a spoonful from an acai bowl we bought in Bali and it was the best thing ever. I’m planning on trying more in the near future. They’re so good and refreshing! This recipe sounds awesome, I’m totally saving it for whenever I get the chance to make one at home. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    • Happy weekend to you too, Joanne! I have a feeling you’re really going to like this one. How was Bali? I’m sure you tried a lot of new and cool food there! So jealous!! xo

  • This looks so good Jordyn! I want to make some smoothie bowls. I love replacing a meal with a smoothie, especially after a workout.

    • Thanks, Mariah! I used to do that with my lunches. I’d actually make this bowl to be exact because it was SO filling. I think replacing meals with smoothies can make a change of how you feel during the day. Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in those smoothies though, love! xo

  • I’ve acutally never tried a smoothie bowl (something about me being too lazy in the morning to not just drink it, I think haha) but this one sounds really good! I love my nutribullet so much too!

    xx Pia

    • Really all you gotta do is blend it for a shorter amount of time and throw it in a bowl. It makes the smoothie much more enjoyable in my opinion. Try it out! xo