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One thing that I have learned about being an effective blogger is that it is okay to open up and let my readers know the beautiful sides of me as a person. Even though my Pinterest home trends blog post was super cute and aesthetically pleasing, I do I want to share important moments and things in my life with you guys!

So, without further adieu meet the love of my life, Kekoa. Kekoa and I have been dating for two and a half years now even though it seems like a lifetime! He truly is my partner, my other half, and everything I wished for in a boyfriend. When I was younger, I made a TERRIBLY long list of what I wanted in a husband. “I want a man who loves to travel, who loves his family, who loves God, who’s tan, who has good abs, who appreciates and understands my culture,” said my eight-year-old self. It was silly, but Kekoa matched the 20-something long list I made.

You guys can learn a little more on my “About” page in the top bar of my blog. Now, you’re about to learn a lot more about our relationship and how much he knows about me! Let’s see how he does…

The Boyfriend Tag

1. Where did we meet and where? 

When we were like 5 at a family party – at a family barbecue or something.

That’s accurate. We’ve known each other for a VERY long time. I have some key memories with him in it. 

2. When was our first kiss?

It was the day we started dating when I asked you out. We were sitting in the car watching airplanes.

I’ll never forget the “so, since we’re dating now…. can I kiss you?” It was a minute or two after I said yes to being his girlfriend. Super cute!

3. Who said “I love you first?”

I did. It kind of slipped out when I said bye to you. I was headed back to Norfolk the following day. I was like “oh shit” because I didn’t want to freak you out.

Even though it was sudden, I was so happy it just slipped out like that. It showed me that saying “I love you” was on his mind and that he felt comfortable with me enough to mention it in everyday conversation. 

4. When is my birthday?

April 15, 1997

5. Where did your family come from?


We were both born in Hawaii!

6. When did you meet my parents?

I met them when we were little at those family parties we would have.

Our parents hung around each other a lot since our dads worked together. 

7. What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?

I wish you wouldn’t get mad at me for falling asleep on you or wanting to take naps *laughs*

Guilty. Sorry! He’s just so sleepy all the time. He just wants to nap all day every day.

8. Where was our first date?

When we ate pho and watched Percy Jackson. It was kind of funny because we were talking ever since. We’d always talk about hanging out together since 8th grade but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that we actually did.

We did a lot of this before we started dating! It’s what we did to catch up with each other afters years of not talking to each other.

9. What eye color did you wish I had?

It doesn’t matter. I like yours now!

Aw, even though it’s so boring. 

10. What TV show do I always watch?

I know like 10 – Jane the Virgin, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Scandal, The Fosters, Switched at Birth. That was like seven for right now! I can’t think of any other ones!

He hit the nail on the head! I watch a lot of TV shows… sorry but not sorry! 

11. What dressing do I always use?

Chipotle Ranch

12. One food I don’t like

Pickles. I don’t think I can love you to my fullest extent (laughs)!

This boy eats fried pickles anywhere it is available. They gross me out!! 

13. What’s my favorite drink?

Besides water, Powerade.

14. What’s my shoe size?

7 and 1/2

15. What am I afraid of?

We’re afraid of watching scary movies. I feel like I’m afraid of more things than you are! You’re afraid of making that one turn when you go to the gym.

Accurate. That gym turn is scary guys! You have to U-turn and immediately cross over like three lanes to get to your turn. 

16. What’s my favorite sandwich?

Grilled Cheese

17. What would I eat every day if I could?


He even knows my order by heart – quarter pounder meal no pickles with a Powerade! 

18. What is my favorite cereal?
You don’t really eat cereal but you like Honey Bunches of Oats. But you just eat it plain because you don’t like milk. Weirdo!

Fun fact: I used to tell the lunch ladies I was “allergic” to milk to get a water cup at lunch. Milk makes me want to throw up dude! 

19. What is my favorite song?

That’s a hard one because you listen to a lot of songs. I want to say anything Beyoncé!

Right now it is The Weekend by SZA but I do love me some Beyoncé! 

20. What is my favorite sports teams.

You like the Yankees… right….. because of Derek Jeter?

21. What is my eye color?

Like a brownish black

22. Who is your BFF?

That’s easy! It’s Skylor and Lydia.

23. What is your favorite cake?

Do you have a favorite cake? You like cheesecake right?

He says this because we always have dates at Cheesecake Factory. I’m actually not a fan of the taste of cheesecake but CF’s Reeses Peanut Butter cheesecake is more chocolate-y!

24. Do I play sports? If so what?

You used to play volleyball and softball I think…. but you were really good at volleyball. You can dance!

Never played softball babe, haha. 

25. I would spent hours on ___________.

Arguing! I’m just kidding. You’d spend hours on your blog because you put a lot of time and effort into it. You make it look really cool! Besides homework, your blog would be it.

That makes me happy! He is definitely the most supportive. 

26. What talents of mine do you LOVE?

You’re artistic. Every time you surprise me with things I’m always surprised because you come up with the coolest sh*t! Sense of style – that I like too! Also, you’re a go-getter! I always have to compete with you and work hard to make you proud. You’re very organized, too. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as organized as you… or someone who actually used a planner.

27. Do I have any nickname? What is it?

So, unfortunately, we don’t have any nicknames for you yet. I’m not much of a creative person. I can make up any type of name but I want a good one! We’re in the process of getting you a nickname?

28. What kind of book do I like?

You’re smart as hell but you don’t read a lot! You read a lot of Christian books.

I told you guys! I’m trying to read more, though. 

29. What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

You wake up at like six in the morning and you lay in bed for 30 minutes. You’re most likely on Twitter.

30. Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is _____________”

My girlfriend is the sweetest, most caring, most lovable person probably out there. My girlfriend has the biggest personality and is the most wonderful person in the world. You’re a little CRAZY babe…. but I still love you so it’s okay.

Aw, he does a pretty great job of showing his appreciation. I love you too, my love! 

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