Life Update + What I’ve Been Doing Lately

I’m back y’all and better than ever! I have been so busy with wrapping up my final years of college and with life in general that I forgot to blog. Now I am officially, which is amazing to say! I have waited so long to transition to an actual domain and I cannot wait to share all that has been happening in my life lately. These are the most recent updates:

I turned 20!

I am glad to say that I am no longer a teenager anymore and I escaped teen pregnancy, haha! My teen years were full of memories and experiences that I wouldn’t change for the world. However, I am ready to transition into “big girl” life and work on maturing every aspect of my life and settling down with my love and solidifying a career. I have been in college for a while now and I feel like I know myself enough to transition into adulthood . . . well . . . atleast try.

I spent my birthday doing nothing more than eating, spending time with family, and celebrating the “Big 2 0” with the people I love.

I got Balayage!

Probably the coolest birthday present I have gotten this year. My whole life I have had dark brown natural hair with tinges of lighter browns and reds. From a distance, you see brown and brown only. Even though I do think brown hair is beautiful, I wanted a change for my first spring of my 20’s. I had the hair done by a family friend of mine who is seriously super talented at balayage! I gave her pictures of inspiration and hours later, BAM. I was new woman. I still am figuring out my favorite ways to style my hair.(My favorite one is braids the night before to make waves the next morning!), but this is a change I am glad I made. You can see the waves the braid make in the below picture by the way!

School, school, and more school.

The closer I get to graduation the less time I have to have fun it seems like. Education majors to some of y’all may be a major to slack off and put minimal effort in, but to dedicated Ed majors, we work like crazy! On top of our coursework on teaching, my program requires many hours and days of field experiences. I have worked with students one-on-one and even lead math stations, so I am slowly learning the ropes of how to teach students of all backgrounds. My classes and experiences make me progressively more and more excited about life after graduation. Ahh, I can’t wait!

That’s about it about me and how my life has been going for the past few months. I am ready to come back to blogging full force during the summer time so please look out for new content and subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin’. I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to your weekend!

Talk to you guys soon,


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  • Gaby

    Happy birthday! It’s fun to see some similarities between us, I’m 20 as well and am entering my final year of college next year, it’s crazy how fast time flies! Plus you’re rocking the balayage 🙂

    Gabrielle Isabella x

    • Jordyn Pamela

      Thank you sweetie! That is awesome that you are about to go into your final year too. Yes, time does fly but I am so glad to be wrapping it up! OH AND I KNOW. I have never seen my hair any other color and I actually love it! Thanks for the comment xx

  • Congrats girl!! Also love the balyage. It’s such a good choice.

    • Jordyn Pamela

      Aw, thanks! I actually didn’t like it at first but now since I can style it, I love it! Balayage looks so good with curls! xx