Let’s Talk About Bras: Best Bra Brands for Every Style

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot from the “No Bra” and “Embrace the Nipple” movements. I feel like times have changed! There’s less focus on the pushing the girls up and more focus on embracing the natural shape and size of everyone’s breasts. This is a great thing for me since I am an active member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee), haha!

There are times, and dresses, where I can go braless but I honestly feel comfortable and a lot more confident wearing a bra. Ladies – there’s nothing wrong with this! For the summer, since I want everything very airy and flowy, I’m a bralette and sticky bra kind of girl! I’ve been working on embracing my boobs… or lack thereof. It’s what I was given… might as well be confident about it! Today, I have created a bra roundup of the best brands to buy your intimates based on your personal style –

○ If your style is lacy and flirty, try . . . Free People! ○

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The lacy and flirty girl is not afraid of wearing colors… especially pastel colors! She embraces the gentle and alluring side of her femininity and loves to wear a bunch of these numbers under tops that can show the beauty of what’s underneath. Free People taps into the boho style and is not afraid of going the extra mile to make a statement in their outfits.

○ If your style is sexy and seductive, try . . . For Love and Lemons! ○

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The sexy and seductive girl is a boss a** b*tch! She does not take no for an answer and dominates any platform or environment she is in. She does not show her sensual side to just anyone but is a firecracker of fun when she’s comfortable enough to share it! For LLove & Lemons is also sold at Free People. This brand is a bit more on the pricey side, bbut loves to put out sexy, elegant intimates!

 ○ If your style is comfy and casual, try . . . Urban Outfitters! ○

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The comfy and casual girl is all about the experience. She’s ready for adventure and does not want uncomfortable clothes (or intimates for that matter) to get in her way! She loves to try new things and go out but still has a side where she loves to chill with friends at home. She works a lot but she knows her efforts will pay off in the long run! Urban Outfitters is such a popular store for clothing but also has pretty inexpensive and comfy intimates. Most of their bras are unlined and bralette style, so they’re perfect for the small chested ladies who don’t need extra support.

○ If your style is active and sporty, try . . . Tommy & Calvin! ○

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The active and sporty girl is always down to making herself better from the inside out. She’s always spotted at the gym or in athletic attire even on her recovery days. She’s comfortable with her body and knows that she doesn’t need to wear dresses to express her femininity. Her confidence is what really shows her feminine side! Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are mostly known for their sports bras. However, both brands are including more styles to fit every kind of need!
Pro tip: shop for their sports bras at Nordstrom Rack or Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. They will have the same bra tops for a fraction of the price!! 

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Where do you shop for bras? Which style are you? Do you have any favorite bras you absolutely love? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest


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