Killing Perfectionism: Affirmations to Accept Your Mistakes

This post may get a bit personal but this is definitely a topic I feel like I need to stress on for the young ladies reading this blog.

I am a  perfectionist. 

Even worse than that, I was a perfectionist who used to beat herself up if producing any less than perfect. You may be able to see this sometimes in my Instagram and how I can never “perfect my theme” and how I change themes so often. That’s what you can see if you read this blog or if you follow me on social media. My perfectionism is now on a smaller scale.

However, the perfectionism was worse when I was growing up. I wish you could see the old me rewrite my school notes if things get too ugly or completely start over a paper if things seem like it’s leading towards the road of mediocrity.

With this kind of perfectionism that dug me into the deepest black hole, I became consumed in what everyone expected of me. I always produced my best work so if I somehow messed up or if I failed a test, for example, others would react with shock. “Perfect Jordyn,” they’d call me or “the one who always has her life together.”

When I started my first year of college, I decided to change and finally ditch the “perfect label.”

I reveled in my mistakes and even took pride in “slacking” sometimes. Now, at 20 and more level-headed, I am able to present myself in a sort of happy medium – someone who still works hard, produces her best, and who is patient with herself. I now push through my little urges of perfectionism and work on loving myself even after indicating my mistakes.

Here’s a little list of affirmations that you could tell yourself if you struggle with perfectionism – 

  • I am doing the best I can at this time.
  • I will reach the life I dream to have eventually. I trust the timing of things and realize I have to live a little more to get there.
  • Even though many others are not like me, it does not mean how I feel is not okay or not normal.
  • I will give myself only one more minute to think of these negative thoughts. After that, I will fill my life with positivity.
  • People will love me for who I am, I will love me for who I am.
  • I don’t have to be perfect.
  • I am allowed to make mistakes and I will learn from those mistakes.

I hope these help ladies… and gentlemen if there are any out there! Just know that things get better. If you want to incorporate more positive affirmations in your life, write them down and make sure you look at yourself in the mirror and say them out loud to yourself in the beginning of your day. It will get better, loves!

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