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June Goals + Wishlist

May has been quite a busy one with traveling and blog posts. Since I started my blog at the end of April, I consider May to be my “first-month” blogging and I am truly having a blast! With the small time I had on this blog already, I –

Even though I am super proud of my accomplishments so far, I want to strive for bigger and better things in blogging and in my personal life. Here are goals I am setting for the month of June.

  ○  Personal Goals 

1. Discover more workouts for each muscle group. Now that I am lifting more and dealing with heavier weight, I want to find new fitness YouTubers to watch and new workout plans the internet has to offer. 

2. Declutter my inbox. As of today, I have 3,009 unread emails in my personal inbox. After around midterm season, I let my inbox go and neglected my duty of deleting my emails. Now I am in a hole and I need to get out! Wish me luck!

3. Take care of my body. Sounds like a given, right? As you can tell from my clean eating post, I am starting to acknowledge what my body needs and try to make better body decisions. In addition to eating, I want to also work on hydrating, skin care (emphasis on skin protection for the warmer months), hair care, etc.

○  Blogging Goals  

1. Grow my brand. Increasing blog traffic, growing a following on my social medias, contacting brands, and making a name for myself in the blogging community. I’m so excited to see where this blog will take me!

2. Start a planning blog series. For some reason, I am known as the “planner queen” in my friend group and in my family. My planner is my life and I take pride in decorating it and making my spreads as functional and visually appealing as possible. This is another hobby I would love to share on my blog!

3. Take a free blogging e-course. There are so many blogging courses and I am bit overwhelmed. I do know, however, that there are many of free courses that are worth enrolling in. If you guys have any recommendations, please let me know! My main focus is on Pinterest.

As promised, here are my beauty, health, and fashion wishlists for the month of June!

Lusting over high-end makeup and hair products lately…

When am I not though? Even though I am never one to rock dramatic looks, I feel like buying a new palette is the right way to switch my beauty game up.

Cause I want the “fit girl” look…

“Look good, feel good” is the motto for about everything. Looking at how I can incorporate it into my fitness life too! I would also love workout outfits that hug my body a little more.

Trying to look more sophisticated my wardrobe…

I look like I am 16, I feel like I am 35, but I am only 20. Maybe finding a more sophisticated, “big girl” wardrobe will help level out my numbers.

What are goals you have set for June? Don’t forget to comment below and recommend good blogging courses to take too!

With love,

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