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July Favorites 

This month has been full of travels and I surprisingly tried a lot of new makeup products, fashion pieces, TV shows, and music. There are times where I like to stick with my routines and products – this normally happens when I have a busy schedule.

A lot of my travels have been gifting me “chill time” whether that be intentional and unintentional. More time to myself tends to make me more aware of my surroundings and focused throughout my day to day life. I think this makes an impact on how many favorites I have!

So without further adieu, here are my favorites for this month –

Target Backless Mule Loafers


Since buying these beauties, I have been completely obsessed with wearing loafers with every outfit I put on. I never was a fan of strappy sandals or even flats because they were too much work to put on. These loafer mules, though, are slip on and perfect for when you are running out of the house! I also lasted hours in them while walking around Washington D.C. So this is a 10/10 would recommend product.

Ctrl by SZA

Do I really need to say much more about this album? I have always been a fan of SZA and her older albums so I was super excited to hear that she came out with a new one. I love so many songs on here! She has such a unique voice and vision for her music!


The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo


I have dandruff and the extremity of it depends on the weather. Lately, my scalp has been very dry and the drugstore shampoos and conditioners are not helping one bit. The ginger in this Body Shop shampoo soothes and moisturizes the scalp! It’s made specifically for dandruff. One thing to note: the consistency is very runny so it may run out easily. Other than that, my scalp feels healthier and I feel like it made my blonde hair look a little more ashy instead of orange.

New Savings Plan

This is a bit personal but I have developed a better, more disciplined savings plan. Every paycheck, I automatically transfer a certain percentage of the check into my savings account. Even though there are ways to set up automatic transfers, I feel like it makes a difference when transfer the money and see the numbers changing between my balances. With this plan, I was able to purchase the more pricey things I wanted to buy in no time!

Elf Highlighter


I’ve been searching for a new drugstore highlighter and I really do like this one! It is surely a lot more pearl-toned than golden-toned. The highlighter is not as pigmented as the high-end products but it is buildable, especially with water or setting spray.

iPad Pro + Accessories

I do not think I talked about this before on my blog but I just recently bought an iPad Pro 9.7-inch and I am OBSESSED with it. I was very inspired by Natalie Barbu’s video on how she takes notes with her iPad and for months now, I have been researching the different functions and prices of the iPad. The 9.7-inch is perfect for me and I am planning on using the iPad as my computer, notebooks, and textbooks this year!

The Bold Type

Ever since I was opened up to the feminist view, I have always been a fan of shows, movies, and books that have a strong female lead. I love shows where women do not take no for an answer and work hard for what they want. The Bold Type showcases not one but THREE very confident best friends who tackle their jobs at a magazine company that surely is inspired by Cosmopolitan. There’s no borders on this show and they tackle many female and societal issues!


From my previous recommendations, you probably can tell that I like all sorts of shows that have drama and love in it. My newest obsession is Reign on Netflix, a show about regal corruption. They have a few seasons so it should totally be on your “to binge list.” Right now, it is more centered about love (and sex) than politics. I like that there’s action in this series and it for sure has made my jaw drop! Reminds me a lot of the drama of Dance Academy but with corsets and castles.

*this post my contain affiliate links to help fund Jordyn Pamela

Make sure to try some of these items or at least give “The Weekend” by SZA a listen! You won’t regret it. If you do, please leave a comment telling me which one you tried. I love to hear other people’s opinion.

Let’s try to make today our best guys. Remember there is nothing wrong with confidence and there are always ways to make ourselves better each and every day!


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What are your favorites this month? Have you been obsessing over any new makeup or clothing items lately? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below and tell me about it! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


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