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How Do You Do It? // Long Distance Talk

So, if you have been reading my blog for a while you may know these facts about my relationship with my love:

  • I am a military significant other, or a MILSO for short!
  • Kekoa and I survived a 9-month deployment without each other in the very beginning of our relationship.
  • My love lives in the East Coast and I live in the South = long distance relationship (yuck!)
  • Kekoa and I try to visit each other as much as possible but it sometimes conflicts with our busy school and work schedules.

Having a loved one in the military can be difficult and being long distance can be difficult separately. Imagine having both! Truly, though, I am so glad that we continued our relationship despite the struggles. He is worth all of the nights stressing about flights and all of the time spent getting ahead on school work so I can see him!

The number one question we ALWAYS get is “How do you do it?”

Here are a few rules we try to live by in our relationship to make specifically the long distance bearable –

1. Plan, Plan, PLAN

What’s a Jordyn Pamela post without the word plan, am I right? Planning is really crucial in a long distance relationship because you and your partner are responsible for: both of your schedules, travel time, time off from work or school, and what days will you spend together if your hometown is the same as his (which it is for my case). What my love and I do is look at dates months ahead and find what weeks are the best for our schedules. As the time gets closer and closer to your next “reunion,” you can start requesting off and looking for things to do. Being on the same page makes everything less stressful!

2. FaceTime Dates

To all of you LDR babies, I hope FaceTime or Skype Dates are not foreign topics to you all. They’re a game changer and they’re just so nice. Kekoa and I like to grab the same food (our favorites are Pho and Chipotle) and scream out a “one, two, three go” to the movie of our choice. Our parents think we’re absolutely insane for doing this but it’s as close to a date as you can be once you’re both apart.

3. You don’t have the opportunity to be normal most of time, so BE NORMAL!

One thing that my love and I eventually learned was that we don’t always have to go out or have something big and extravagant planned. Once you’re able to visit each other a few times, you will want to just spend time on the couch or in bed all day. Do the things you normally can’t do due to your long distance when you’re together. One of my favorite activities is going grocery shopping and finding new recipes to cook.

4. Respect your individual schedules!

At the age that we are, the both of us are bombarded with responsibility. We both are in college and work. Most of the time, our responsibilities occupy our days all the way till the night time. Respect that the other person is busy and has a lot going on in the same way you are. Maybe your FaceTime date night has to be canceled because work ran late. Be understanding and communicate!

5. Cherish each other and the time you have together

Sounds super cliché but this is such a staple. Put the phones down, remember to be in the moment, and shower each other in hugs and kisses! Once your love has to go to the airport or on their way back home, you’ll be wondering where all the time went. The appreciation and unconditional love for each other will truly make the difference when long distance makes things difficult.

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Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? If so, what are your tips? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below and tell me about it! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.



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