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This year, I am a senior in college! The years went by so quickly but I am eager to get my life started and enter the “real world.” With my experience in college, I have discovered so many tips that made my life 100x easier. Since back to school is coming up, I hope you guys can benefit from this post!

Never buy your textbooks before the first week of class.

I’m sure this may seem like a surprise to you since I am almost always prepared for school related things but seriously this tip saved so much money! Normally, you are able to access the syllabus a week or two prior to attending your first class day. On the syllabus, professors may have more than one required book and a supplementary textbook. Firstly, you will not need the supplementary textbook. Secondly, professors may have the entire test material from their lectures or Powerpoints alone. These are the questions to ask before purchasing textbooks! Trust me, you will be amazed how unhelpful some of the “required” books are.

When making your semester schedule, use

In your freshman and sophomore year,  you will probably be taking your basic courses which will have many many sections and professors available. You may want to pick the early class or the class that best suits your preferred schedule but take my warning – check who your professor is before registering for classes. My favorite site to use is Rate My Professor. This site is for students at your college to write reviews of their professors after taking the class. There are many helpful tips on there like how difficult the professors are at grading papers, if the professors accept extra credit, or if you can still pass the class without attending class regularly (sorry but sometimes you just have to miss class). This tip will ensure an easy semester.

In your freshman and sophomore year, try to have no classes on Friday’s and late classes on Mondays

When you are newly living the college lifestyle, you will try to engage in social activities and possibly explore the city you are in if you moved away from home. Weekends are the best days to hang out with friends and de-stress from the school week. With no classes on Friday’s and late classes on Mondays, you will have an almost five day weekend every weekend to have fun! Also, side note – parties the nightlife activities are on Thursday night for the most part so no class on Friday might save you!

Run your papers through a grammar checker like Grammarly

No matter how many times you check over a paper, an extra set of eyes will help with grammar, writing style, and even organization. If you do not have time to go to your university’s writing center, you can upload your paper to a grammar checker like Grammarly. I use this site before submitting every paper and I have newly used it for checking my blog posts. Grammarly checks grammar mistakes that Microsoft Word does not pick up and you can use many of their functions for free. Sign up here to create an account with Grammarly.

For collaborative papers, projects, and presentations use Google Drive’s collaborative features.

In my younger years, my group and I would have to meet a few times before turning in a group project or paper. With Google Drive, each person is able to access and edit their project at the same time from their homes. There were full presentations that I have turned in where my group never met face to face. Even though I do not recommend that Google may be of use if problems arise. Use Google Docs if you need to work on a paper and use Google Slides if you need to work on a Presentation.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime for students.

With a student email, students can receive a free trial of Amazon Prime. There are many benefits of this – 2-day free shipping, movies, TV shows, textbook rentals, and a referral program where you and the person you refer will receive credit on Amazon. Even though this is not permanent, it’s super important for when you want something shipped to you quickly while in college.

Create or join a class GroupMe for difficult classes

College classes on average only meet a few times each week. Some of my classes were only one day a week! With classes that don’t meet as often, it may be hard to ask questions about an assignment. With a GroupMe, you are in a chat with the students in your class. You can ask questions about due dates, share completed study tools, or ask about grade-related issues. It’s also beneficial to connect with your peers for future business relations and friendships.

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Are you in college? If so what major and what tips do you use on a daily basis to make your school life easier? Let’s start a conversation! Comment below and tell me about it! Also, please make sure to follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.



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