7 Things I Learned on my First Alaskan Cruise

Towards the end of summer, I went on my first Alaskan cruise on board the Ruby Princess with my dad’s side of the family. For me, going on a cruise was a little frightening because I get terrible motion sickness sometimes…. um and have we watched Titanic before, guys? Thankfully, most of the expenses of the trip were paid by my other family members. I had never been to Alaska and I was glad t

I had never been to Alaska and I was glad to add on another place to explore this summer. My current goal is one new place every summer and I want it to evolve to one new country every summer! Let’s see how this goes! Also, I will be posting my Alaska Travel Diary soon so be on the lookout for that. Here are seven things I learned on the Ruby Princess –

1. Alaska isn’t as cold as I thought it was.

Our cruise sailed to Alaska in late July to early August. My family packed our suitcases with parka-like jackets and tons of layers. Even though it was cold as balls some days, I really could’ve survived some days with a hoodie and two layers underneath.

2. It’s time to put the phones down and spend time with the people you came with.

I think for me, at least, it is hard to put my phone down and resist social media. As a content creator, it is explainable. The Wi-fi is outrageously priced so ditch the phone all together if you can! There are tons of activities to do on board and my favorite to go to were, of course, the dinners and the musical theater shows.

3. When they say unlimited pizza and ice cream, they mean it.

The pizza and ice cream stand was not open 24 hours on the Ruby Princess but it was pretty close to that! What’s cool is that they serve way more than pepperoni and cheese pizza. I loved the Margherita pizza and any other specialty pizza they offered that day. Oh, and if you wanted 30 soft serve cones in a day, the ship workers don’t judge!

4. Form great relationships with your dinner servers.

My party, which consisted of 11 passengers, had the same two servers every night. We learned their names, talked about their home countries, and definitely cheered for them on the last night of dinner on the ship. If they love you, you can have extra if you are not full by the end of dinner.

5. You’re supposed to tip when you order food to your room in the morning before excursions… (yikes!)

I am guilty. On the second day of the seven-day cruise, I got severely seasick. I was in bed all day and felt nauseous every time I stood up and tried to walk around. This meant either my family bringing me meals during the day while I watched the movies the ship played on the TV or room service. I did not figure out till later that I was supposed to tip the servers. We definitely did the next time after that!

6. Salmon ladders and everything related to salmon.

Salmon ladders are interesting, don’t get me wrong. What killed my salmon ladder experience was the fact that I toured not one… not two…. but THREE salmon ladders. I guess on the Pacific Northwest salmon are a big deal. I saw everything from the ladders themselves to tanks full of fish eggs to even the station where the workers wack female salmon on the head to squeeze out their eggs.

7. The Transderm patches are lifesavers for people who are prone to motion sickness!

Yes, yes, yes, and YES. The Transderm patches completely wiped away my sea sickness and I acually was able to enjoy the cruise after putting it on! You cannot buy Transderm patches at the local drugstore but your doctor can write you a perscription for them before you leave for your cruise line. Thankfully, my grandparents had extras so I could try it.

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