5 Useful Websites for College Students

Finals week is here, sadly, and this week has already been packed with assignments and projects. UGH! To the people who are in college, you know the love-hate relationship of being in the school semester. You have pros like the freedom to make your own decisions (whether they be good decisions or not) and making tons of cool friends. In the same way, though, there are many cons like countless hours studying and no sleep when you have a tough week.
To the college freshman coming in this fall, I decided to gather 5 useful websites that could help your years in university run smoothly –


This is the money saving trophy winner right here! Chegg is a company that provides awesome services like book rentals, a book selling feature, and even instant online tutoring! What’s cool about Chegg is that they send you all of the books in a box and all you have to do is keep that box in a safe place and print out the free shipping label when you’re done renting the book. It is as quick and easy as that and the interface is simple to navigate.


In college, many of your courses may be so fast-paced that you might not even be able to take lecture notes! One thing that I love to do is to use Evernote as a note taker and list maker. I even use this website to write my blog posts! Evernote is like a cloud for your notes and will store and automatically save your work when you are typing, which is great for when you have a “my computer deleted my file” mishap. I love to download the app on my phone and my computer as well so that I can access my notes at any time.

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Rate My Professor

Calling all American university students! This website ensures that I get the best professors every semester. Any student in your college can rate a professor they are taking and when you are ready to register for classes, you can look at all the reviews of the professors that are available. Student posts helpful hints too like “the test material is all on the PowerPoints and not in the textbook” or “you will have a pop quiz every Wednesday.” There’s even a hotness rating, which I am not sure is okay or not okay, haha! From what I have seen though, there are reviews for all of the large, popular universities that I know of. Check it out!


This website, I swear, is used every time I submit an assignment! What Grammarly does is check whatever text you copy and paste for grammar and spelling issues. Most college campuses have a writing center, but I use this website as a quick way to check my papers if I am submitting it last minute. The most popular grammar issue I make is using incorrect propositions, which at times can make my papers look completely unprofessional. Just by a few clicks, you can have your assignments, blog posts, and resumes proofread! Oh! You can also add a Chrome extension to add to your Google Chrome browser for fast grammar checks all the time!
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.17.40 AM
This is a small philosophical statement that I needed proofread for one of my Education courses. Grammarly‘s free version will highlight the critical issues in your paper with no cost to you! How great is that? If you want to see the more advanced issues like the writing style and sentence structure, you may want to purchase Grammarly Premium. I’m sure their premium features could get you to graduate school with no problem!


This website is great for communication between you and the other students in your class. For every class I take, I make it apparent to find the class GroupMe so I can stay up to date about when a class is canceled and potentially ask any questions that need to be answered. GroupMe is a group messaging app that is also available online. You create a login with either your phone number or your email and other students can find you and add you to chats! In the chats, you can upload pictures and documents like the syllabus. I found this as a good way to communicate to my friend groups without receiving millions of sound notifications if they were all in a group chat.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.15.55 AM.png

I really hope you guys found these websites helpful after trying them out! These are absolute essentials for me during the semester. They all make my life easier, so why should I not share it with y’all?

I have one more final and one more presentation until I will be saying “hello vacation!” Please keep updated with my blog to see a new travel diary very soon of the trip I am taking this weekend.

With love,


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  • Chegg was so amazing for me in college! I wish I would’ve known about Grammarly in college when I was writing emails. Love this list Jordyn!

    • Jordyn Pamela

      Thanks girlie! I’ve gotten $100+ from Chegg for selling one biology textbook my freshman year. It surely is a lifesaver! About Grammarly, try it out! The interface is super simple and you could even use it now when you’re writing on your blog! xx

  • I’m not at actually at College or Uni as we call it in the UK, but these are really helpful sites in general! Grammarly will really help with blog posts!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Jordyn Pamela

      For sure! I use it a lot and I think everyone could put it to use, even if they’re not a student. xx

  • I’m no longer in college, but I used some of these websites before and thought they were helpful!

    • Jordyn Pamela

      Katherine, do you have any others that weren’t on the list? I’d love to check them out! xx