3 Pinterest-Worthy Home Decor Trends to Try This Summer

I am graduating from college in May, which means I will eventually move into my own place sometime soon. Really, the thought of living away from home is not nerve-wracking at all. I’m actually excited more than nervous because…. duh…. I get to shop for home decor! Something about a new and empty space gets my creative juices flowing!

People who follow my “home sweet home” board on Pinterest know that my personal decor style is very neutral, fresh, and anything with natural sunlight. Just think of an Urban Outfitters or Target home catalog and you’re golden! On Pinterest lately, I have found some pretty cute trends that are quick to buy and try! Here are three –

Greenery in the Bedroom

Oh yes. Greenery spruces up any space and automatically gives the bedroom life! Cactuses and palms are trendy in the home, on stationery, on practically everything so you will find them everywhere! If the plants are real, you’ll have a great circulation of oxygen, too, when you wake up. Plus, they’re just so dang cute.

(photos by Aspyn Ovard and A Pair & Spare)


Geometric Rugs

Believe it or not, I didn’t like rugs before. I felt like a rug was only useful for wooden floors and cold floors but I’ve found that a rug can be cute on a carpet as well. What’s great about this style of home decor is the neutral furniture. Many are gravitating towards wood, white, black, and gray furniture. If you choose a neutral furniture piece, you can pair it with a colorful and even a patterned rugs. On Pinterest, most rugs I found were geometric so I decided to share a handful with you guys!

(photos by The Glitter Guide and One Kings Lane)

Circle Mirrors

A mirror is an easy home decor piece to buy if you are trying to make a room appear larger. Yes, everyone loves a great IKEA standup mirror to take OOTDs with. This mirror, though, is GREAT decor wise. Did I mention mirrors are great backdrops? The choices are endless because these mirrors are everywhere! If you’re looking for a cheaper option, Urban Outfitters has a set of three circle mirrors to give off the same effect!

 (photos by  The Glitter Guide and Kristina Lynne)

Home Decor Pinterest Graphic


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What’s your favorite home decor trend? Do you have a style that’s unlike any other? Comment below! Also, please make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest



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  • I love this post – searching Pinterest for new home decor ideas is one of my favourite things to do! The circle mirrors are so cute, I’ll definitely be adding one to my house!

    • Right? I love the circle mirrors, too! I have a plain artsy wreath I got from Michaels to give off the circle effect until I commit to a mirror! xo

  • Akshaya Iyer

    I love the ideas! I just moved in to a new apartment so I’m happy for any home decor inspo haha 🙂


    • Thanks, Akshaya! That is super exciting. Happy decorating! xo

  • This post is so cute! It all totally reminds me of Aspyn Ovard – I feel like you love her, too!!

    • Yes! I love her style and I even featured one of her pictures in this post! She has my dream home!!

  • My room is too small for a rug, but I’m obsessed with greenery and circle mirrors! It really makes me want a place of my own so I could have more space to decorate haha.

    • I know, me too! Makes me want to move into a little one bedroom by myself to decorate! xx

  • I love greenery, I keep adding it to every room in the house x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  • I love when people have greenery in their apartments!! And you can never go wrong with a geometric rug!

  • I’m obsessed with having greenery in the house it really livens up a space. Theres something really pleasing about circle mirrors!


    • I feel the same way. Maybe the fact that the mirrors are geometrically perfect? Or that it adds balance to the room! I haven’t put a pin in it quite yet. xo

  • Kim

    I love all these ideas! Pinterest has the best inspiration for home decor! I’m on there all day just gawking at other people’s homes, hahah.

    Simply Lovebirds

    • I had an awakening Pinterest moment when I first discovered it. I would go on Pinterest in class, on my phone when I would wait in lines – practically all the time. It is such a great place to sort out ideas and inspiration! xo